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Taking Care About The Where

About us

Global population growth, urbanization, and global lifestyle changes are causing an overexploitation of natural resources, pollution of the environment and change of the global climate system. Solving these complex challenges requires innovative and sustainable solutions integrating technological, economic, and societal advancements.

We are 'spatialists' creating innovative location-based applications with data from complementing sources. While a traditional paper map is static and rarely updated, our planet is constantly changing. 

Keeping track of these changes, mapping them and aggregating them with non-spatial data is one of the daily challenges that we take on and meet through advanced data analytics.
We provide actionable geoinformation and ICT solutions supporting businesses and governments in fulfilling their daily duties.


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Data Acquisition

You can't manage what you don't measure: in our projects we work with different data like open government data, citizen science or from commercial sources. It includes e.g. satellite and UAV Earth observation imagery, sensor data and social media.

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Data Analytics

Deriving actionable information from Big Data is the core of our business. Our activities range from traditional image processing, geospatial analysis and mapping to the development of complex artificial intelligence applications.

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Software Development

We are in favour of open source tools and applications. Our developments include programs for data processing and analytics, web-based applications and mobile apps. 

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Training & Consulting

We share our knowledge. Our team has different educational backgrounds and long professional experience from many business sectors. We give advice in integrating spatial information within an organization, provide professional support for translating environmental policies into geospatial actions and offer assistance on solving environmental challenges with data.



Agriculture & Forestry


Natural Resources & Ecosystems

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Smart City & eGovernment

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Security & Insurance



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