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Glad to see that the Copernicus Observer refers to our Climate Change Impact on Cotton (CCIC) project which was supported through the Copernicus Climate Change Service (#C3S). The cotton value chain is complex, including farming, ginning, trading, weaving, stitching and finally selling to the consumers. Many angles for CC awareness raising and Copernicus for decision support.
January 2023

Cotton plant
vehicle counting

Traffic statistics are an important tool for urban planning. Our automated vehicle counting tool is analysing different vehicle types from video. Check out the following demo and get in touch for for more information.
November 2022

We are looking forward to attend this year’s DDGI GeoForum in Berlin on Nov. 24. We will share our experiences about the use of Copernicus for Urban Applications and Digital Twins. The development of digital urban twins is what we investigate in our UrbAIn and UTwin projects.
November 2022

Copernicus für Kommunen
urban scene

Let's meet at this year's Copernicus Forum in Berlin. On June 22, we'll present how Big EO-Data supports sustainable cities of tomorrow.
June 2022

Great Event: we attended ESA's Living Planet Symposium 2022 in Bonn to discuss with partners and colleagues the state of remote sensing solutions.
May 2022

LPS 2022
urbAIn Project

Join us at DLR's 3rd Symposium for Applied Earth Observation where we present our recent UrbAIn project about the use of Earth Observation for Digital Urban Twins.
June 2021

The EC’s Destination Earth initiative aims at developing a digital twin of the Earth to monitor and simulate natural and human activity, and to develop and test scenarios that would enable more sustainable development. In the urbAIn project we investigate AI-approaches to contribute to the development of digital urban twins - virtual images of cities and their associated infrastructure combined with dynamic real-time data generated by numerous sensors.
January 2021

urban scene

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